RIP: Jollibee Champ burger bids goodbye

For this story, McDonald's scores one point ahead of Jollibee. But victory still belongs to Jollibee, because we still have not moved on from the latter's "Best Friend" viral video.

Today, the wicked game is over for Champ burger as its creator Jollibee announces its retirement from the fast-food's menu. 

Till we meet again, Champ burger!

However, Jollibee says the burger offering might be back again in the future. Just like how Jesus Christ got back on the third day, something that Ned Stark did not enjoy despite everyone’s demand.

Read the full statement here just like how Ate Charo reads a letter:

As Filipinos, we are now starting to figure out who is to blame for this end of an era. It must be Gloria. Or the yellows again!!!!!!

We wish that Senate would investigate this matter. This  may affect the health of millions of  kids whose parents have no time to cook food at home.

So are you attending Champ burger's funeral? Here's our bestfriend saying his last goodbye to Champ :(

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