SALLY Found: Alive and shopping without a cart!

SALLY is now found. Alive and happily grocery shopping at Puregold. 

“SALLY, where are you?” is written in one of the billboards that has been getting a lot of attention from motorists and passengers along major thoroughfares across Metro Manila.

Who is SALLY? Real talk, SALLY is a digital personality that means “Shopping Ally”, just like Alexa and Siri. SALLY is part of the newly-launched mobile app of supermarket chain Puregold with the support of Globe. 

The mobile app of Puregold is a grocery shopping innovation for moms and dads (and titos and titas) who need their time in attending to their other errands aside from carrying their cart around Puregold with all their physical strength.

What can you do with  the new PUREGOLD MOBILE app?

1. Shop without a cart!

Inside a Puregold store, simply scan the barcode of the items you want to purchase. Upon confirmation on the app, an assigned picker and bagger will get all the items you purchased while you wait or do other important stuff.

This app just made hauling and falling in line to the cashier obsolete. This is perfect for mothers who take their kids to the grocery with them because no one is at home to attend to the little ones.

2. Re-order products.

PUREGOLD MOBILE has an Order History feature that is necessary for store-keepers who buy their stocks from Puregold. When you need another set of the stocks you bought, the app can help re-order the same stocks.

3. Get guided by SALLY.

As an in-app chat feature, SALLY chats with you to give you updates about your orders and grocery-related inquiries. Effortless!

4. Pay cash or with your ATM card.

Designed for utmost convenience, PUREGOLD MOBILE  offers flexible payment methods. You can choose to pay cash at the store or use your credit/debit card. And the good thing is that GCASH is an option.

Now, you can shop with no cash in your pocket.

So if you want to experience shopping without a cart or easy reordering of items now, download the PUREGOLD MOBILE on Google Play (for Android users) or the App Store (for iOS users). It's free!

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