Scientifically Proven: How to become the best boss

Admit it, no one is excited to see you. 

Your arrival is not some sort of good news to your subordinates.While you want to talk to them in a manner that they respond naturally, you will always be an Adolf Hitler in front of them.

Before they start applying sorcery on you, try these things:

1. Call them with their first names. 

It will be music to their ears. While it is professional to call them with their last names with "Ms." or "Sir" prex if, it is friendlier to address them with the name that they are more familiar with.

2. Show up to them in your casual or home attire. 

Seeing you in your formal dress is stressful. They relax when they see you in ordinary shirt and jeans, reminding them that you are also a person, someone who also went crying when Ned Stark was killed. 

3. When starting a meeting, go off the topic first by talking about your childhood or something crazy that you did to set a friendly environment. 

Promise, it won't hurt to go out of the agenda. 

4. Join your team over lunch or snack once in a while. But not on a regular basis.

When you do, never talk about work. Talk about your family. They would love to hear stories about how you cook dinner, how you get scolded by your partner when you do something wrong, how you miss your kids when they go camping.

5. Pay them on time, okay?

6. Pay them on time. Did we just repeat number five?

7. Pay them on time. We're not kidding. If your eyesight is getting blurry, there is something we want to tell you.

8. Pay them on time. Yes, we really mean it.

9. Pay them on time. Forget your budget for your team building next year.

10. Pay them on time. Simple.

No questions? Thank you!

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