Two options to get fresh veggies from Baguio

We know you love iceberg lettuce, string beans, cucumber, and other organic veggies from the cold city of Baguio. But when you look at the price of these veggies at the supermarket, you will be....... shooked.

The good news is that there are now new ways for folks in Metro Manila to buy these veggies from Baguio and other parts of the Cordilleras-- fresh and crisp! This works for those who have scheduled or upcoming cooking commitments since this deals with pre-ordering and a scheduled delivery.

1. First option, you can order from The Igorot Facebook page. Since it’s on FB, you can chat with the admin for your veggie requirements.

What make The Igorot  worth a try is that it bases the price of the vegetables on what the farmer charges. Makes sense?

This week, The Igorot has been busy collecting vegetable donations for evacuees following the Taal volcano eruption so its selling activities were a bit parked. To visit the FB page of The Igorot, click HERE. 

(Photos lifted from The Igorot FB page)



2. Second option, order through the Session Groceries mobile app.

The app gives you the menu of available vegetables that are sourced from different farms not just in the Cordilleras but also in other parts of the country. 

Session Groceries ships the veggies right to your doorsteps. Recently during the rice crisis, it successfully campaigned to bring rice harvests of our very farmers to the market.

To know more about Session Groceries, download their app on Play or App store. Check out our screenshots:



Also, watch their video to have a heart-to-heart session with them how they came up with this novel solution. 

Now, what do you want to order?



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