When the Breaking News post break the news

While scrolling through your Facebook news feed on your mobile phone, you spot the notorious “breaking news” post. That’s the same post that informed you about classes being suspended by the authorities due to unpleasant weather disturbances.

Since you’re on a marathon with your fingers sliding very fast down to see the endless posts from your friends, the “breaking news” post has already disappeared from your screen. And you scroll back to find it because deep inside you, you want to be informed (with factual news).

We’ve gathered all the “breaking news” artworks from your favorite news sources to remind you how these posts tried to traumatize and excite you -- just like your mom!

Note: We lifted the artworks from the Facebook page of the news sources.

Kapamilya Breaking News Patrol, in the Service of the Filipinos (including President Duterte) Worldwide.

Mag Kapuso Breaking News, nakabantay bente-kuwatro oras dahil hindi natutulog ang balita at chismis!

Mga Ka-.........how do Rapplers call their readers? Maybe, Ka-Ressa! 

Breaking News. Fearless Views!

The Breaking News shall set you free!

Breaking News in the Bicolandia. Limited Edition.

 But the real winner here is Taytay! If this was on TV, you will  see Alex Gonzaga delivering the up-to-date news about Taytay Tiangge. 

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