Why your diet plan is not twerking like Miley

It’s kinda easy to start that "no-rice" slash "keto" slash whatever diet you have formulated for yourself  after receiving the invitation to be a secondary sponsor at your best friend's wedding that is happening in two months.

Then two weeks prior the wedding, you find yourself crying because everything seems to have not worked in your favor. For a moment, let’s blame other people for this failure. 

1. There’s a new branch of Mang Inasal that opened right across your office!

2. No one in your circle of friends is also on a diet plan. So you and you alone ordered the boring Caesar's salad, while all of them got a baby back rib meal. Then you decided not to be the odd one. 

3. You just went on an out-of-town trip to Bicol. And it could have been a nightmare if you did not taste their specialties- Bicol express, laing, sinantol!

4. And you thought, Bicol’s new specialty is extra rice................

5. The company you’re working for always rewarded you with a buffet ticket. How could they!

6. You have been working overtime for two weeks straight. You just wanted to be good and comforting to yourself, because God said we should love our body first.

7. There are no vegetarian restaurants around your house-- they may have closed down due to unsustainable demand in your area. The nearest grocery for healthy choices is located across the street which deals with a stressful one-minute walk to get there. And oh, this gives you the perfect reason not to go with your diet: 

Anyway the dress can be adjusted a week before the wedding day-- with the help of the tailor of course! So that’s fine, let’s go the Mang Inasal now.

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