Did you just say Tita JLo is 50?

While watching the incredible performance of Tita Jennifer Lopez at the Super Bowl halftime show this Sunday (US time), it would also be amazing to note that she turned 50 last July.

JLo must be the hottest 50 year old on the planet. 

The actor-performer shared the stage with Colombian singer, Shakira, in the much-anticipated sporting event in Miami. And everyone loved every moment of it. 

During her performance, JLo did a medley of her biggest hits including “Jenny from the Block”, “Waiting for Tonight” and “Love Don’t Cost A Thing”.

At the end of the half-time show, the two Latina icons had a duet with the song, 'Waka Waka (This Time for Africa).' 
Another special moment that captured everyone’s heart was when JLo’s daughter, Emme, (our pinsan) appeared on stage to sing some lines. It was super cute!

When you reach the age of 50, do you think you can still dance like Tita JLo? Watch the performance here (again):

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