Going beyond your itinerary in Sagada

If you are in Sagada and you are following an itinerary provided by the tour guide or travel agency, there’s one word that best describes your tour: boring!

Ask whoever is with you if you could do these suggested things. And we promise, your Sagada holiday will be the most awesome ever.

1. Go on a top load ride. However, be careful with this. Make sure you have a tight grip of the bars at the top of the jeep you are riding. From the top, panoramic views are priceless!

2. Visit a "dap-ay "in one of the Sagada villages. The dap-ay serves as a communal house for all folks and a gathering venue during rituals, celebrations and emergencies.

3. Spend at least an hour at a weaving facility and see how difficult it is to create a bag or a table runner. This will make you appreciate the local production of fabrics better.

4. Learn how to prepare “tapey” or rice wine. In fermenting rice wine, it takes almost a week, but you are assured you are getting a bigger reward.

5. Complete to eat local produces including orange and persimmon, two rare fruits in Metro Manila.

Game? We know you are ready for an adventure!

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