A double disaster for Greenhills in a week

With attractive bargains in around 2,000 stalls, Greenhills is known to be one of the country’s most exciting shopping destinations. However as early as the first week of March 2020, the shopping complex is rocked by unfortunate incidents that literally drove shoppers away.

On March 2, a 40-year old security guard shot one person and took at least 60 hostage at V-Mall  within the shopping complex.

Archie Paray, the security guard who was once employed at the same mall, only released his hostages after his requests, including the resignation of some of his former superiors in the mall’s security agency, were granted.

The hostage-taking drama even required the presence of San Juan City Mayor Francis Zamora who had a word with Paray. Zamora shared that the security guard declined the agency's cash offer amounting to a million pesos.

Shoppers were frightened with the siege that lasted for 10 hours, with policemen gathering around the mall in an attempt to catch Paray. and control the situation.   

Four days after the incident, news broke out that the Philippines has recorded the fourth and fifth case of novel coronavirus. According to reports that spread like wildfire on social media, fifth case is a 62-year old patient who frequented to Greenhills to pray.

Inside the shopping complex are religious facilities including a Catholic chapel and a Muslim musallah. Further information confirms that the patient was a Muslim.

In response to the second disaster happening within the same week, Mayor Zamora instructed health workers to disinfect the prayer hall at Greenhills where the man, who was sick with severe pneumonia, frequented.

Mayor Zamora said in an interview with ANC:

"We've already activated our crisis management team, I met them earlier. The San Juan Medical Center is ready and our San Juan City health department is ready,"

The management of Greenhills also released a statement:

"In light of the Department of Health's confirmation of two new cases of COVID-19, Greenhills Mall is enacting precautionary measures to ensure the safety of our shoppers, tenants and employees," 

Globally, novel coronavirus has been shutting down schools, companies and institutions. Even airlines affected by low bookings brought by the coronavirus scare have been asking their employees to take a leave without pay.

With the disasters that rocked Greenhills in just one week, it is expected to see businesses that give life to the shopping complex do their own measure to deal with this unfavorable time. But as proven, fortunes and misfortunes come in turn.

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