Baguio farmer donates lettuce harvest to quarantine frontliners

Baguio City locals seems to be the forerunner of Filipino greatness, from honest drivers who return cash and luggage bags left inside their taxi to citizens who are disciplined to stay indoors when asked to by the national government.

An addition to the list is a farmer donating his lettuce harvest to people in the frontline of the ongoing quarantine to suppress the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). 

In a Facebook post by the city’s Public Information Office (PIO), it shows the freshly-harvested  lettuce from farmer, Tony Walang. 

Mr. Walang's farm is located in Pinsao Proper. He donated his farm produce to the city’s relief center, barangay workers, and staff of different offices that are active in the community quarantine.

The farmer had other options including selling his produce, but he opted to help feed those who at the battlefield. In fact, there is a lot more in his farm to be harvested yet for the same cause. 

May Mr. Walang's tribe increase! May the good Lord repay his kindness. 


For those who also want to donate their produce and those who have the resources to transport the goods to donation spots, contact 0947.147.0048  now


Credit: All photos in this article are lifted from the FB page of Baguio City PIO. 

MORE GOOD NEWS: Dean Cuanso, the guy behind Watwat World, has found these tomatoes being given away FOR FREE:

As of March 21, 2020 at 2:52AM, there are 230 cases of COVID-19 in the entire Philippines. For more info, please visit this newly-launched portal HERE. 

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