Choreographer’s Cut: what to expect at Club Mwah in 2020

On its 17th year of sewing the world's most beloved entertainment acts into one incredible show, Club Mwah adds new colors to its feathers to give a new reason why a visit at this premier theatre in Mandaluyong City should already have a schedule in your 2020 planner.

While there are fresh concepts on the plate, Club Mwah still delivers production numbers that are of the same level of classiness that the Carlito Pocholo Malillin - Cris Nicolas duo is known for in the entertainment industry.

Photos Courtesy of the Facebook Page of Club Mwah

Here’s what to expect at Club Mwah in 2020:

Third Generation ‘Follies de Mwah’ Launched

The ‘Follies De Mwah’ is an ensemble of performers who transform themselves into different personalities depending on the act they are doing. 

This 2020, Club Mwah unleashes the fire in the third generation of the group with only two dancers from the previous batch making it to the cut due to strict requirements. This batch can be wittingly called the 'millennial edition'. 

Aside from performing at the theatre, ‘Follies de Mwah’ are often invited to appear in off-theatre locations for corporate events, family occasions, and other types of private banquet.

A Curate of New and Classic Choreographs  

Starting January this year, Club Mwah has been unveiling additions to the series of acts comprising the one-hour show. Recently, it did a production number inspired by ‘The Greatest Showman’.

Classic dance numbers and impressions including‘Chicago', 'Rock Me Amadeus', ‘Dream Girls’ and Tina Turner also remain on the menu for first-timer guests. 

As part of the tradition of hospitality at Club Mwah, guests are invited to dance with the performers. And the night becomes truly remarkable as Sarah Geronimo’s ‘Tala’ plays in the air-- with the feather-garbed ‘Follies de Mwah’ doing the viral dance step.

It’s Still the Choice of A-Lister Guests

When notable people get the chance to be in the country’s capital, they do not miss dropping by Club Mwah.

On February 29, guests included the prominent photographer, Mandy Navasero. Other guests that night were executives in companies within the country and abroad-- most of them were returning guests who unanimously describe the show as fabulous.  

As the country’s entertainment gem, guests at Club Mwah are not new to the experience of sitting next to well-known celebrities, members of royal families, beauty queens, millionaires, politicians, etc.

 A Comedy Bar Below Club Mwah

Called ‘Comico’, an upcoming comedy bar within the same building that houses Club Mwah serves as the latest entertainment offering of the duo. 

According to Pocholo, the bar will showcase comic acts and some snippet of the full production extravaganza at Club Mwah. The bar will also feature works of select singers like Mariah Carey. 

What sets ‘Comico’ apart will surely revolutionize the comedy division of the industry. Just like Club Mwah, 'Comico' will not resort to offending guests with nasty remarks just to make the other guests laugh, the typical way of delivering punch lines in existing comedy bars. 

Comedians will also never ransack guests for tips, another reason why some people do not subscribe to the current culture of comedy bars in the metro.

'Comico' will have its soft opening on March 13, ahead of its launching on April 1. This is  another new reason for you to to check on which weekend is best  to experience world-class entertainment at Club Mwah and 'Comico'. Follow Club Mwah on Facebook HERE. 

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