Fast-food restos in Manila required to hire seniors

If you are from Manila, you can expect to see your granny cleaning the table where you and your friends used for breakfast at McDonald’s or Jollibee.

Disclaimer: Photo from a 2019 Fcebook post of Manila Mayor Isko Moreno. 

Well, that is better that granny play majong or gossip all day. Maybe that was one of the reasons why City Mayor Isko Moreno signed an ordinance requiring fast-food restaurants to hire senior citizens and persons with disability for five months.

Mayor Moreno tweeted: 

Under Ordinance 8698, restaurants with at least 10 branches operating in Manila should provide temporary employment to qualified elderly and persons with disability.

Payment is on minimum wage.

In 2019, McDonald’s partnered with the city government of Manila to hire the senior citizens with persons with disabilities for its 40 stores across the city.

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