Protect yourself from coronavirus the simplest way

Trust us when we say that moving on from your previous relationship is more difficult that protecting yourself from the novel coronavirus

Promise, it's really not that scary as long as you are well-informed about this new virus and, of course, equipped with your weapons.

Be Sanitised

Hand sanitiser or rubbing alcohol that you use to clean your hands when you do not have an immediate access to a restroom with clean water and soap. The best is still washing your hands, but a hand sanitiser or rubbing alcohol may do the job as well. 

We just want to make a reminder, it's rubbing alcohol in plastic bottles. Not the alcohol that is aged in barrels. 

Tissue Please!

Tissue to cover your mouth when you sneeze and to clean your skin when someone sneezes in front of you. You may also use tissue to clean your gadgets, most especially when you are on a trip. Remember the virus can be transferred through devices and even paper bills.

Just save the tissue rolls for your protection, not for those tears when you're watching your favourite drama series. Learn to prioritize, okay?

 Boost Your Immune System

Stay hydrated. Drink glasses of water wherever you are, whatever you do, whoever your crush is.

Get enough sleep. So if you have plans of doing a marathon of Crash Landing on You on Netflix, schedule that this weekend.

Minimise eating processed food. We're sure, your mom has told you this a million times already.

 Lastly, it's time to minimise your social events to avoid getting in contact with sick people. Stay safe always!

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  1. thanks for the information and god with us against corona virus corona cases taday