Strictly K-Drama: The Lock down watch playlist

Oppa, instead of wasting your time reading those fake news about the coronavirus, there is a better way of spending the unexpected vacation. 

Chill and watch these three. No worries, we won’t ask you to write a reaction paper afterwards.

K-Drama 1: Crash Landing on You (CLOY)

CLOY is one of the most-watched Korean TV series on Netflix. The story deals with the unusual love story of a South Korean businesswoman and a North Korean soldier whose fate intertwines accidentally. 

Promise, you will feel you are 16 once again when you watch this and you will feel why Sharon Cuneta is so crazy about the lead actor of the series! 

The story of quite interesting, because it gives some light at the end of the tunnel to people who have a Romeo and Juliet-type of love story. While 'Crash Landing on You' is a work of fiction, it still lingers on the difference between the North and South Korean hemispheres. 

In the end, you will realize two things. First, you cannot defy destiny. Second, it is true that kung gusto maraming paraan.

In the meantime, let's borrow Captain Ri to melt all your stress away.

K-Drama 2: Kingdom Season 2

The second season of 'Kingdom' is as good as the first one. Dubbed by Korean actors in the English language, the new season of the Netflix series gives you less stress from reading subtitles.

'Kingdom 2' is a six-episode series of action-packed zombie story, comparable to 'The Walking Dead'. The plot continues the efforts of a Crown Prince to combat the spread of a zombie disease while being hunted down as a traitor by her Queen step mother. 

To be honest, this series is as real as what we are experiencing now.

K-Drama 3: Parasite

'Parasite' is the pride of Asia in Hollywood. It swept accolades in major film award-giving bodies with the brilliance of the ensemble. 

The story is about a poor family that scammed a rich family. You will real realize that there are people who are really good but chose to use their skills in harming other people. 

The movie is available on Amazon Prime, iTunes, Vudu, YouTube, and Google Play.

Oppa, start the marathon now!

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