Balik Probinsya Program: How to apply?

If you are having a hard time surviving life in Metro Manila, the “Balik Probinsya, Bagong Pag-asa” program of the government will help you go back to your home province and start a new life there with your family.

There are two ways on how to to apply for the program. First is through the internet so you can apply even while inside your home. Second is by physically visiting the Balik Probinsiya Center in your barangay.

How to Apply Online for the Balik Probinsya Program 

  1. On a laptop or desktop computer, open
  2. At the upper right most part of the website, click the APPLY button to access the assessment form. 
  3. Before starting with the form, you can click ISALIN SA FILIPINO to have the form in Filipino for easier answering.
  4. Type the answer to what is being asked. This will help  the government in giving you the exact kind of  assistance you need when you relocate back to your province. Place N/A to fields that you have no answer. 
  5. Make sure that you have provided an answer to all field with asterisk (*)  Thus TIN and GSIS/SSS numbers are not required. 
  6. In Letter E. Agreement, click I AGREE to tell the government that you have provided true information about you.
  7. Click SUBMIT at the end of the form. 
  8. Wait for a Balik Probinsya staff to contact you for further instructions. This means, you need to make sure that your phone is fully charged and with signal all the time so you can be contacted anytime. 

How to Apply at the Balik Probinsya Center

  1. If you are not sure about the location of the Balik Probinsya Center in your barangay, contact the program hotline found below. 
  2. At the Balik Probinsya Center, fill out the assessment form to be provided by the program staff. 
  3. Submit the form to the staff and wait for further instructions. 

Balik Probinsya Program Hotlines

  • Telephone Call: (02) 8365 707 
  • Mobile Call: 0919 0692 530 or 0919 0657 89 
  • Text: BP2 (message) to 0919 0692 531 or  0951 1521 666 


Once qualified, different government agencies will collaborate to provide you with various forms of assistance from other existing programs:

  • Transportation to relocate you from Metro Manila to your home province
  • Housing and day-to-day needs while you are still starting to build a new life there 
  • Work or livelihood to sustain your family's needs 
  • Schooling including courses taken through the internet
  • Tax incentives and fast processing of business permits if you decide to launch your own business 

You can now forget the pollution of the city and be ready to breathe in some fresh air of the countryside once again. Homecoming is just around the corner with the Balik Probinsya program. 


As of May 21, 2020, we are yet to receive a list of Balik Probinsya Centers. We will update you once we have the list. Like our Facebook page for more details HERE. 

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